News & Announcements

The Immigration Facilitation for Visitors Participating process enhances the existing procedure by introducing a user-friendly e-form as a replacement of paper forms. Once the form is filled, they will be submitted to the immigration and UGC units, ensuring a streamlined and efficient experience for all stakeholders involved.

The Centralized Legal Document Repository provides our users with a single platform for uploading all legal documents with the target of streamlining document searching and eliminating multiple storage locations. By storing all legal documents in a consistent manner, the repository facilitates easy retrieval of information whenever it is needed.

Selective RO message and Travel Expense messages sent to PI for information can now be viewed on the Admin Intranet. In addition, a full screen version of “My Worklist” with filtering and search function is also introduced to enhance user experience.

Central of Laboratory Supplies launched a new online warehouse platform where users can search for stock availability. This helps to facilitate the planning for conducting research that heavily rely on laboratory supplies more effectively.

An e-Form was implemented, allowing users to purchase a mobile device or subcribe a data plan to submit their request with the approval procedures taken place via the same form.

ISO continued to have dashboards developed for various offices to support their analysis and decision making, and in these two months, the key dashboards being developed include ePRO Post Event Control, Fixed Assets/Non-Fixed Assets for Department Transfer, UROP Dashboard, and CDCF Reports.

To fulfill local regulatory requirements and privacy ordinance, ISO worked with ITSC and GZ ITD, and with both the applications and data successfully migrated to the GZ Platform in May.

The Instructor Self-Review System (ISR) was enhanced to accommodate changes in the Common Core Program. Starting from the academic year 2022-23, the program has revised its structure of common core areas with new competency attributes introduced. The ISR has been updated to allow instructors to provide feedback aligned with the revised program framework and attributes. This will help support the delivery of high-quality education and promote student success.

The integration work optimized the P-file task required by the FO P&B team, including retrieving files from SharePoint via HRO, performing P file operations, and storing reviewed documents in the ECM system.

The 3-in-1 new RFQ eForm (Sole-source, Two-envelope and RFQ only) was lanunched at the end of March. This new form has eliminated the need for paper forms to be filled and signed, resulting in a streamlined process for submitting tendering or quotation requests to PURO.