Message from Director of ISO

Message from Director of Information Systems (DIS)

Dear Colleagues

Welcome to the website of Information Systems Office (ISO).

The primary function of ISO is to develop, deploy and support the university's administrative systems and to ensure that they operate in a smooth manner and provide users with a better digital experience.

In 2018, ISO embarked the Enterprise Information Systems Digital Transformation initiative.  During the Enterprise Information Systems Digital Transformation initiative, ISO introduced various workshops for different stakeholders to understand our roadmaps and solutions.  Change agents from different schools and offices have been appointed and engaged to support the change programmes.

Since then, one of the important drives of the ISO is to enrich the administrative system portfolios and the best-in-class technologies that shape the technological front of the University.  The new Admin Intranet, AI-enabled Chatbot, Robotic Process Automation, ECM (Document Management system), Data driven analytics, eForms with online approvals, ePayment solutions, Alteryx data blending tool, student/staff/alumni mobile app, etc. have been introduced and adopted across schools and departments.

In 2020, ISO presented the "IMPACTS" theme and internal resources allocation model to UAC.  This has become our guidelines for prioritizing and allocating our internal resources to deliver solutions to our users according to the benefits justifications and impacts to different stakeholders. The information systems project roadmap for 2022-2025 has then been prepared, based on the feedback from various stakeholders and benefits justifications.   It is available via the link below.

Roadmap - Admin Intranet | Information Systems Office - The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (

Since early 2023, ISO has also complied and updated a list of information systems usage statistics via the link below.    This achievement is the result of the collaborative efforts of the whole university community over the past few  years.

Statistics | Information Systems Office - The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (

In order to manage these changes, we rely on proper execution of IS Governance, including scope and deliverable management, stakeholders management, communication and quality management.  These include user focus group meetings before delivery of solutions, feedback from our stakeholders after delivery of solutions,  

We aim to improve your digital experience.   We definitely need to hear from you how ISO can further improve and help.  Please do send us your feedback to the ISO contact persons of our different solutions or via our support helpdesk, or email to

Best regards,

Derry Fong
Director of Information Systems
July 2023