Aligned with the overall direction of the university, and in conjunction with the technical directions established with the Information Technology Services Center (ITSC), the Information Systems Office (ISO) has the mission of fulfilling the university's administrative computing and information needs.

In fulfilling this mission, the office will maintain four major areas of focus:


To build up a portfolio of information systems which

  • supports and facilitates major central administrative processes; and
  • operates in a coherent and integrated manner, allowing information entered into one process to flow to and be shared by other administrative processes requiring the same information, thereby allowing the university's administrative activities to function as a coherent, consistent, and non-isolated unit.


To develop and maintain an integrated administrative information data base/data warehouse which

  • could be used for the operational and management needs of both central and departmental administration; and
  • is accessible by all authorized persons of the university community who have the need for such information.


To leverage technology to

  • maintain an effective computing environment consisting of high performance network and efficient pools of application and data storage servers; and
  • to explore the effective application of new technology that works seamlessly with the portfolio of information systems.


To provide consultation services to

  • ensure portfolio of central administrative systems and information could be used to facilitate local  / departmental administrative operations; and
  • ensure good practices and guidelines are prepared and adopted in the use of central administrative systems, different technologies and information; and
  • leverage appropriate technologies to facilitate local / departmental administrative operations.