PeopleSoft Financial Management System

For Finance Office to manage the income, expense and assets on the University departments and projects.  Recording invoices from vendor and making payments. Reconciliation of bank statements of University and create reports on cash flow.  Allocation of budget and commitment control.   The modules are:

  • General Ledger 
  • Payables and payment
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Budget allocation and commitment


Project / Funds Accounting System

For Finance Office to create and manage projects and maintain the project status lifecycle.


General Budget Enquiry System

For departmental users to enquire budget, commitment, income and expenses related to their departments or projects.


ePayment System

A set of web / smartcard based functions for various electronic payment activities:

  • card holder adds value to HKUST Card e-Purse by VISA/MasterCard
  • cashier adds value to HKUST Card e-Purse
  • service provider interfaces with HKUST e-Purse Payment Gateway
  • FO consolidates records from HKUST Credit Card Payment Gateway
  • FO carry out cash/payment collections and release to FMS


Vendor and Commodity System

The Vendor and Commodity function is designed to support web-based enquiry of Vendor and Commodity information that are kept by the University. The system also provides a set of administrative functions for PURO to maintain such information as needed.


PeopleSoft Purchasing Related Systems

For department users to raise and manage Purchasing Requisitions and Departmental Purchase Orders, receiving goods/services. For Purchasing Office and Finance Office to manage purchasing requisitions, purchase orders and purchasing related activities.

  • Purchase Requisitions
  • eProcurement
  • Purchase orders
  • Goods receiving


Enquiry / Search Services

Requisition and Receiving Enquiry system for enquiry of purchasing requisitions, purchase orders, goods receipts and related payment information from the PeopleSoft Financial Management System.  Direct link to PeopleSoft Goods Receiving System is provided to receive goods/services on a particular purchase order.