JIRA Workshop

As a user of the Application Systems, you will have requests to enhance or change the systems, and JIRA is the tool which we use in the University. You may also be interested to know once you have logged a request, how ISO will manage and ensure its completion up to your satisfaction. The upcoming workshop will provide you with guidance and insights on various aspects and their usage. Here's an outline of what will be covered:


  1. JIRA Overview: give a brief overview of what JIRA is, how it works, its benefits as a centralized online platform for tracking system enhancements and change requests and share the usage trend.
  2. ISO JIRA Mechanism: explain how the workflow from request creation, assignment, execution, batch implementation including prioritization, resource allocation, tracking progress, resolving issues and regular PMO review.
  3. Best Practices: share best practices for using JIRA effectively among users and ISO, demonstrate how to use comments and attachments to facilitate efficient collaboration and communication.
  4. Q & A: ask user experience, invite questions from audience and answer any specific questions.


Language: Cantonese

  • To establish confidence with users how we manage their requests
  • To emphasize the importance of using JIRA as this is how ISO will manage and handle request from users
  • To clarify any confusion users should have with our Jira handling and prioritization process
Target Audience

All JIRA users(esp. key department/users), and any colleagues who may have to access JIRA to join


10:30AM - 11:15AM

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