(Rerun) How to use Qlik Sense analytical tool more effectively
  1. How to access Qlik Sense via Admin Intranet / PAIR Portal and their differences
  2. Knowing the layout of Qlik Sense report
  3. How to navigate between sheets
  4. How to filter / select (include, exclude)
  5. Create bookmarks
  6. Chart features
  7. Data drilling features
  8. Pivot Table – looking at data at different perspectives
  9. How to export data
  10. Story feature
  11. Notes & references
  12. How to provide user feedback

Training Material

It is the University's direction to support data-driven decision-making via dashboard analytics.

Over the past few years, over 100 dashboards have been developed, covering domain areas like Student, Student Survey, Staff/Faculty, Research, Finance/Procurement, Knowledge Transfer, Governance, University Rankings, etc. Over 500 colleagues in 66 departments have been using the various dashboards 6500 times over the past 12 months.

Most of these dashboards are developed using a visualization tool called Qlik Sense.

This training aims at providing users with basic knowledge in using this tool to explore the data.

Target Audience

All HKUST Staff who are existing or future Qlik Sense users

Computer Barn A: Room 4402-4404 (Lift 17-18)