New Administrative Intranet + New Layout Briefing Session

We have launched the new administrative intranet since Sep 2020. With the feedbacks we received, we are pleased to announce that it has been created with a new look and enhanced with below new features to make it a more productive platform for accessing all administrative systems resources provided by ISO.

  • Shortcut reordering - Clicking the reorder button in "My Shortcuts" to reshuffle your pinned shortcuts or the undo button to revert to the systems default.
  • Enhanced grouping- “Self-Service” will be renamed as “My Personal Corner” and “Back Office Service” will be renamed as “Administrative Systems” in the new layout.
  • Enhanced layout- We're introducing the new layout which aims to ease your navigation to your target applications.  You can easily switch to new or old layout by clicking the switch layout button on the top menu bar.

And, to align with the University website platform, we are going to retire the old administrative intranet by end of April 2021. All the key features in the old administrative intranet are provided in the new administrative intranet

To make you familiar more with the new administrative intranet and the new layout, we are going to hold a zoom briefing session on 14/4/2021 at 11:30 - 12:00.